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Nakagawa 2 PLUS GB

vendor code: 4994343

Color: graphite

Material: brass

Cartridge: ceramic D35 mm

Aerator: plastic

Fitting: strengthened triple-layered colored connecting hoses, a full set of connectors

Connecting hoses: stainless steel

Body material: brass

Configuration: 2 in 1 Multifor filtered water

Warranty: 5 years

OMOIKIRI taps pass a system of tests, including the following:

  • Testing of tap parts according to European standard EN 817
  • Tap parts are necessarily tested by robot machine before assembly at the factory for a guaranteed number of cycles. Test in acid-alkaline mediums (NeutralSaltSystemTest).
  • As a result of the test nickel-chrome plated tap does not lose its quality characteristics.
  • Test CASS4 for perforation of galvanic covering of the tap. According to test results, the nickel-chrome plating does not change the structure and keeps all the qualitative characteristics.
  • Burning the galvanic covering and measuring of layers of applied metals.
  • Test results of measurements of galvanic covering of OMOIIRI taps comply with international standards and are as follows. Testing of each mixer after assemblage. All taps are tested under water pressure.