Pure Drop Lite

vendor code: 4998028


Maximum water pressure: 6,5 atm

Module resource: up to 6 000 l

Filtration speed: up to 2 l/min

Fineness of cleaning: up to 0,8 micron


  • Replacement unit V-Complex 4. Pre-cleaning
  • Replacement unit V-Complex 5. Deep cleaning and softening
  • Replacement unit V-Complex 3. Finish cleaning and saturation with minerals
  • Complete set of connecting elements is included

  • Multistage system provides high cleaning effi ciency of all kinds of contaminants throughout all the resource of changeable items
  • Water purifier, thanks to the innovative Japanese membrane NanoTube, disinfects water, removing all kinds of known bacteria from it. Such water is safe for health and does not cause allergic reactions
  • The unique thread Vivalon, which is contained in all the units, detains heavy and toxic metals. It concentrates in itself mechanical and organic impurities harmful to the health
  • The active silver ions prevent the reproduction, and favor the destruction of microorganisms
  • The water purifier is easy to operate. Module replacement is made during less than 1 minute without any additional tools
  • It is easily installed under the sink and takes up a minimum of space