vendor code: 4998004

13 988

Maximum water pressure: 6.5 atm

Module resource:

Filtration speed: up to 0,22 l/h

Fineness of cleaning: up to 0,0005 micron


  • Water purifier
  • Replacement unit M-Complex 1. Mechanical cleaning
  • Replacement unit M-Complex 2. Pre-cleaning
  • Replacement unit M-Complex 3. Deep cleaning and softening
  • Replacement unit M-Complex 4. Finish cleaning and saturation with minerals
  • Complete set of connecting elements is included

  • Reversed osmose system allows to remove all the mechanical impurities, salts, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and organic impurities from water
  • The innovative Japanese thin membrane of improved structure allows enhancing the resource replacement modules and achieving high effi ciency
  • Module M-Complex 4 saturates water with healthy natural salts and minerals
  • The unique thread Vivalon, which is contained in all the units, detains heavy and toxic metals. It concentrates in itself mechanical and organic impurities harmful to the health
  • The active silver ions prevent the reproduction, and favor the destruction of microorganisms
  • The water purifier is easy to operate. Module replacement is made during less than 1 minute without any additional tools
  • It is easily installed under the sink and takes up a minimum of space